Whatsapp Marketing we use a very effective and professional platform to communicate with potential customers. We also create a loyalty program. We create bulk whatsapp messages along with images and videos with unlimited characters.


According to recent studies, WhatsApp is the most popular social media platform which people use more than any other. As a result, WhatsApp Marketing India has gained momentum giving rise to a new marketing strategy through WhatsApp. This is possible because the application enables users to send unlimited text, video, audio etc.

But, the limitation is that you cannot play the role of a WhatsApp bulk message sender and send messages to customers you don’t know. You have to get in touch with them personally to take this freedom. Here are a few marketing strategies that will help you build a strong customer base and improve sales.


Make it more personal: Since WhatsApp is a personal messaging app, people prefer to make all the conversations personal. If you want to introduce your brand to the customers, you have to first make that personal image of your brand. As a successful WhatsApp Marketing in Kashipur, you can have a customer service manager who has a WhatsApp number to communicate with the customers personally.

Offer something of value: As WhatsApp is a free app, you can offer something of value so that the consumers are willing to give their number. This could be anything like some valuable information, promotion or a free service. You can make an attractive promotion and share it with the consumers in exchange for their phone numbers. After you get the numbers, you can do bulk WhatsApp messaging to those customers whose trust you have won.

Engaging content: When you think of WhatsApp Marketing, quality must always be on your mind. After you build a good consumer base, focus on providing them valuable content on relevant topics. As most of the users are mostly hooked on the app, you can get their attention by posting engaging content for free.

Great customer service: Apart from being a WhatsApp  Messages Sender, know what your customers really want. You must be ever ready to attend to customer queries no matter what. Getting a query and not responding for a long time is a big letdown for the customers. So, appoint a customer service person to handle the queries in time. And don’t forget to see if he is doing his job well. You can have more people to help him if required.

Research: WhatsApp can be used as a platform for doing research to improve your business if done wisely. Before you launch a new service or product, you can ask for customers’ suggestions about what they think about the idea. You can also incorporate their views if they are good. Instead of always sending WhatsApp bulk message, you can think of such innovative ideas to use this popular application.

WhatsApp marketing campaign is a great idea to grab the attention of targeted audience who are looking out for your brand. But, always keep in mind that unnecessary spamming is unacceptable and a big no-no when it comes to arousing customers’ interest.

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